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MEGAP GROUP thanks to the strong partnership it has with companies with over 20 years of experience in the industrial automation field which results in a in house software which guarantee a better and more efficient control over each part of production process from managing orders and ingredients stock to HACCP automation and quality check.

Advantages of implementing a in house Industrial Automation

– High Quality

– Automation alleviates the error associated with a human being.

– High Information Accuracy

– High safety

Adding automated data collection, can allow you to collect key production information, improve data accuracy, and reduce your data collection costs.  This provides you with the facts to make the right decisions when it comes to reducing waste and improving your processes.

Industrial automation can make the production line safe for the employees by deploying robots to handle hazardous conditions.


+44 (0) 796 0051 749 / +44 (0) 740 3869 682




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