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About Us

MEGAP GROUP was born from the idea and the desire of Italian entrepreneurs to bring abroad the Italian excellence and the uniqueness of its products.
Our goal is to provide worldwide our established knowhow and exclusive partnerships with local producers.

Our management is based both in Italy and in the UK, allowing us to have full control of all the processes involved and to guarantee 100% compliance with strict high standards of quality and hygiene

Mission, Values and Vision


Our Mission is built around three main pillars: Quality, Authenticity and Cost efficiency.


We aim to provide the best quality of the Italian products offered.
For this reason, we are directly involved with the entire cycle of production based in Italy using advanced control systems.
Our products are made exclusively with Italian ingredients rigorously selected and checked for quality and freshness in order to always guarantee the highest standards.


We believe in the traceability of the true “Made in Italy”. We pursue reliability by verifying all production processes, origin of materials used and the supply chain associated to all our products.

    Cost efficiency

    We are constantly enhancing our internal processes and investing in innovation, advanced automation and control technologies to give the best value for money.


    Our guiding values are Trust and Respect.
    We believe that our business is not just about providing a service and making a profit out of it. We seek to create a trusting and solid relationship with our customers. We do this by always focusing on our mission on a daily basis. We foster mutual respect in all stages by providing the best customer support with trained and certified staff.



    We seek to bring world wide the Italian culture and traditions by supplying genuine “Made in Italy” products.


    +44 (0) 796 0051 749 / +44 (0) 740 3869 682




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